The Holocene Coffee Table

The Holocene Table
The Holocene table is designed as 5 discrete bamboo rings balanced  perfectly, yet seemingly tenuously on delicate anodized aluminum supports.  The design represents a centered, currently stable earth under the weight of the four barely balanced planetary boundaries that we humans have transgressed, leaving us teetering at the edge of the Holocene period, the only time in all of our planet’s 4 billion year  existence capable of supporting life. 

Climate change, loss of biodiversity, deforestation and biochemical flow have already been realized, leaving us at the precipice of an uninhabitable world. 


  • sustainable bamboo hand polished with low VOC oil-wax
  • bioclean-anodized aluminum
  • glass
  • 36w x 36"l x 15 1/2"h
  • ships 4-6 weeks