Levels of Consciousness

Kristin Reed 
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Levels of Consciousness 
Aluminum sublimation on sliding panels 
Powder coated white aluminum frame
Caramelized bamboo shelving
19.25" h x 15.5"d x 76.75"l


Based in the Brooklyn Army Terminal, Kristin Reed is known for her juxtaposition of geometric symbols of ancient cultures—the sacred geometries of circles—in an examination of physics, archeology, mysticism, meditation space and residue of daily life. 

Her work embraces an inner reality within a large cosmic reality and explores consciousness in the micro and macro universes, balancing the wild and chaotic with the serenity she seeks. She is fascinated by the farthest reaches of distant galaxies, and how the tiniest particles and waves of the natural world are distilled by science into mathematics. These inspirations appear in her work through expressionistic marks, luminous color, violently splattered & softly sprayed paint, drips, and collaged flotsam & jetsam as a reminder of our media reality. Balanced geometric line drawings on interplaying panels weave their message; a cohesive whole of separate parts where she sees the  unity in all things.