Dog-Gone-Delicious Dog Feeder

Presentation is everything. Even for your furry friends. With our Dog-Gone-Delicious Dog Feeder, your pup can dine in style. Of coarse like all Modify Furniture Products the bamboo is hand finished with food-safe, low VOC oil-wax. Or opt for a removable colored placemat (also FDA-approved food grade) to make for easy clean-up and a splash of fun. 

And, as a special thank you for your purchase, we will give a gift of your choice to a local pup in need at the Connecticut Humane society.   All gifts are hand made with eco-friendly fleece, and lots of love.

Sustainable bamboo hand polished with low VOC oil-wax
2 stainless steel bowls
optional HDPE place mat

23"l x 9 1/2"d x 7"h