Modify Furniture Office Edition

Improve productivity and impress your clients with Custom Office Designs by Modify Furniture.modify furniture office

modern • modular • versatile • adaptable • custom made to order

The Polychrome Desk

Create a modern minimalist work environment with the Modify Furniture Polychrome Desk.  Each Desk is custom made to order with powder coated aluminum frame, hand polished sustainable bamboo, and low VOC surfaces. Our proprietary Invisibin™ System offers a sleek  work surface with flush-mounted storage to keep work areas clean and writing tools at hand, 

 polychrome modern desk with bamboo and aluminum


available options include 
electric grommets for cord management
monitor support options
height adjustable frame options 
custom accessories offer each team member the ability to optimize  their own workspace yet keep a uniform open space
24 x 48
30 x 60 
30 x 72 

 storage units- 

make your office pop with custom colors, clean simple modern design -available options include 
custom colors 
custom graphics/
removable doors for a new look with minimal effort