An innovative concept in modern design - its all about you!

Modify Furniture is proud to present the Polychrome series.
Made by hand using exceptional materials.
You design.  
You colorize.  
You accessorize.
You're done.


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What's the deal here? 
The Polychrome series is a fully customizable and truly innovative modern furniture line.

How do I do it?
Our fabulous online customizer is almost finished being built. This tool will allow you to see your furniture being "built" as you design it. 
In the meantime,  you still have the full array of options. Design your furniture using our drop down menus or just give us a call. In fact, we are happy to "create" your design and email you the image. 

Why Modify?
That's easy! Exceptional quality, eco-friendly materials, innovative design, and American made.  And.. it's furniture built uniquely for you. 

What did you just say about exceptional quality?
We use premium materials.
Our hand finished bamboo surfaces are luxuriously silky.
Our patent pending frame and door system is ridiculously strong.  Color powder coating adds to the "wow!" Modify also feels quality includes an emphasis on using safe materials and processes to protect you and the environment. 

I love the colors but I'm afraid to commit...
No worries, if you don't like the colors you chose, you can exchange them for new colors*. And if your tastes or needs change in the future, simply buy new panels for a whole new look.
*See our exchange policy for details.  

But I wanted fluorescent orange!

Yes we can! Custom colors are just a phone call away.  (They do cost a bit more - sorry!)

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Scene 1:

keepin' it clean 


Scene 2:

coffee table cache


Scene 3:

the girls got stuff