Built for a better future. 
Making the world a better place, one credenza at a time. 

 At Modify being "green" doesn’t mean we spent too much time at the pub last night. Being "earthy" doesn't mean you need to throw out your razors and eat quinoa with goji berries. These days there are more palatable ways to feel closer to nature. Reduce reuse recycle. At Modify, see how we hit every corner of the green triangle.  

Reduce: The core of our design is based on making long lasting, reusable and multifunctional products. With our made-to-order business model, we avoid overstock. With in-house manufacturing we can easily optimize processes to minimize waste. We source most of  our materials from local vendors within x miles of our Bridgeport factory,  saving on energy wasted on transportation.  

 Reuse- Designed as a modular and vesatile  system, the  polychrome series is built for repurposing.  the clean simple design allows each piece to blend seamlessly into any room you choose.   The colored panels are designed to interchange with all units in the series so its simple to "redress" your dresser. When your pink and purple-loving baby girl wants a new room with a distinctly "mature"  black and white motif, you don’t need new furniture, just change the panels and instantly she's got the ultimate preteen room.  Or we can help her display her own work  with our custom art panels. 

Take it a step further and join our soon to be created, "PRP- panel recycling program" where you can donate or resell your "retired" panels. So when she's off to college- we can help you resell those lovely doors! 

Recycle- You can be happy to know that we not only source our aluminum from a local vendor that uses 30% recycled content.  Our accessory line is cleverly designed to use the left-over pieces of bamboo that would otherwise be scrap so our waste is under 5%.  

Packaging with a punch.  Why do we flatpack? Flat packing partially assembled products allows us to minimize shipping materials and saves space during transport so one truck can carry lots of cargo.  

We package our furniture with 100% recycled boxes and biodegradable and recycled plastic wraps. We are continuously seeking new eco-friendly products and materials to incorporate into our furniture. We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions on materials. 


 We have carefully chosen each component of our furniture with design, function and sustainability in mind. By using rapidly renewable bamboo, recycled content aluminum, organic powder coating and low VOC finishes, we are able to offer you the best quality furniture with a clean, green conscience. Read more about our materials in our product info page.