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We offer you american-made quality.
 We offer you versatility.
We offer you color.  
We offer you the experience of creating and recreating your space.


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Modify Furniture was founded with one ambition: to help  people furnish their spaces with contemporary, versatile pieces designed and made in the U.S. We believe that your home is an extension of yourself and the furniture and objects you fill it with should be a reflection of that.  At Modify, we give you the tools to create furniture that is all your own.

With fully customizable designs, luxury sustainable materials and a wide  range of finishes, each piece can be made to fit your home and your lifestyle. Interchangeable colored doors and playful accessories allow each piece of furniture to easily adapt to your changing styles and needs.


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About the Founder

Marci Klein, Modify Furniture owner working in the shop

Marci Klein at Modify Furniture StudioBorn and raised in New York, Marci Klein grew up helping her father build things, offering assistance wherever she could. Those splinters and glue-ups left their mark and, even after a 20 year career in pediatrics, the NYU Medical School graduate found herself dreaming up and sketching out new designs for furniture.

Klein would spend hours inventing space-conscious pieces designed to fit her volumetrically-challenged medical school dorm room, while being versatile enough to adapt to her growing family’s needs. Those designs became the spark for the patent-pending Modify Furniture modular system which offers  an endless array of designs.


Today, Modify Furniture is a maker of contemporary, versatile pieces, customizable to any space. Pulling inspiration from mid-century design and a desire to unify clean modern lines with cozy living, Klein pairs hand-finished natural surfaces with crisp, powder-coated aluminum to create pieces for any interior. Customers can browse an extensive palette of colors and finishes to explore the continuum of color, shape, form, and function.


How It Works

Each piece of furniture is custom-made to order. Here’s how it works.

1.  It starts with you. Simply pick the design, finishes and colors you like — all with a few clicks.

2. Next, our team jumps to action, cutting, drilling, and preparing the aluminum and shelving parts and pieces needed to make your furniture.

Modify Studio, Bridgeport, CT

designer and owner of Modify Furniture, Marci Klein working in the studio

3. We work with local manufacturers like our powder coater, who paints our pieces to perfection, and Dave at  R and D Precision, who makes our Colored Polychrome Panels in small batches. You can learn more about our local partners on our "meet our Friends" page. 

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Westside Powder Coating, Holyoke, MA


R and D Precision, Wallingford, CT

4.   We build all the pieces in-house, cutting and hand-sanding the shelves and polishing them with an organic low VOC oil-wax. Read more about the sustainable materials and and practices here. 
5. We carefully package and flat-pack each piece to ensure a safe trip to you. Our baking department kindly offers homemade biscuits to our delivery courier to ensure careful handling.

Modify Baking Department



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