Marci Klein

Aluminum sublimation on sliding panels
Powder coated white aluminum frame
Caramelized bamboo shelving

19.25" h x 15.5"d x 76.75"l

Exuding color, harmony and überness, interference is also a metaphor of modern madness – unrelenting multimedia and multitasking layered upon quotiden mania. Hues move quickly but not feverishly over space. Margins episodically become imperfect, textures morph, and focus may be deliberately obscured.   And although change is inevitable, we cross back briefly and often into color singularity - into understanding – which is a more stable and perfect place until it is not.  

The viewer need not be affected by similar madness. A collection of rhythmic and slightly inconsonant colors, one kissing the other, may simply be enjoyed from afar for the energy and beauty it brings to a space.