10,000 Emerald Pools

Julie Hawkins
Toronto, Canada

10,000 Emerald Pools
Aluminum sublimation on sliding panels
Powder coated white aluminum frame
Caramelized bamboo shelving
19.25" h x 15.5"d x 57.5"l

Julie Hawkins is a Canadian painter based in Woodstock, Ontario with a passion for bold statements and vibrant colors.
She is a colourist who’s artwork envelopes the viewer. The intermingling of pattern, shape and texture dance across the canvas and transform the spaces they are in. With music being a large part of her painting process, all works are named after song titles or lyrics.
Julie’s vibrant, abstract paintings can be found in various private collections internationally. Her work has been featured in exhibitions across Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver, as well as Los Angeles and New York City

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