The Next Modify Desk Accessory Contest Highlights

by Ayana Klein March 19, 2017

The Next Modify Desk Accessory Contest Highlights

Thank you everyone for contributing to the Modify Furniture Desk Accessory contest.We are excited to announce that the winner is Olivia, with the Phone Sling; true to the Modify Furniture mission, this gem is a simple design, fun to make and highly functional. We have had some wonderful contributions and would like to highlight a few of our favorites.  

 The Everything Desk Accessory
By Aida
desk accessory concept by aida for Modify Furniture

A high school student and aspiring architect designer and innovator designed this beauty. It truly does store just about anything one would want on his/her desk. and could be an  essential addition to Modify Furniture's line because the uses are endless. This product covers all the bases while still being an aesthetically appealing desk addition. The curvature to each cut out and the overall design highlights  the captivating shape that bamboo naturally exhibits. The top cutouts can store writing utensils, scissors, glue, and is large enough to even hold a phone. The unique dip and open design can hold a phone while allowing access for a charger and can keep a number of rounded objects in place. The curved design can also serve as an amplifier. There is an angled rectangular cutout where cards of any sort can be stored and more curved depressions in the front for other small loose objects. Why invest in a bunch of desk organizers that serve specific purposes, when this

 The Clean Sweep 
by Craig Regan/The seatsculpter
modify contest submission modern desk organizer with recycled material
A truly beautiful design, made from sustainable bamboo and broom corn. No need to toss out your old broom, with this design we recycle the bristles into a fabulously versatile holder of just about anything



The Manicurist
by Ella

desk accessory by Ella for Modify Furniture

The perfect addition to the Modify Furniture Drop-in Accessory Line, this gem is ideal for the glamour-loving customers who need the perfect manicure supply organizer. It holds polish, remover and nail files. Keeping everything in it's place thereby avoiding accidental spills. That's Ella for this terrific design.

The Phone Sling
By Olivia


the phone sling by Olivia for Modify

This creative design is for the DIY crowd. Starting with a simple bamboo frame and four aluminum posts, the customer makes the phone cradle using a pot holder set so ones precious phone has a soft cushiony bed to rest on and cords seamlessly disappear. And you'll always know where to find a spare pot holder. Brilliant design by Olivia from NYC.

 Speak to Me
by Ethan
speaker desk accessory for modify furniture

 What better ways to get into creative mode than listening to inspiring music. This design for a Drop-in Speaker accessory offers just that. Electric cords hidden neatly underneath and a cradle for your device make this design creative, functional and offer the clean minimalism that defines Modify Furniture. 






Ayana Klein
Ayana Klein


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