Flower Power

by Marci Klein May 30, 2017

Flower Power

Modify Furniture’s guide to improving workspace productivity, employee health and the environment in one simple step.


The benefits of plant features in the workspace go way beyond cosmetic. Research from Cardiff University shows that plants can boost productivity in the office by as much as 15%. The study sites that plants improve employee satisfaction,  focus, and perceived air quality. Further studies  go on to validate these positive effects of fresh foliage in the office environment.

Improving Air quality 

University of Technology in Sydney Australia did a study in 60 office environments and found that indoor  plants removed up to 75% of volatile organic compounds from the air These substances, also referred to as VOC, can cause difficulty breathing, reduced energy levels, itchy eyes and skin and more. They are released, or “out-gassed” from various building materials including  paint and carpet, as well as furnishings, plastics and electronic equipment. In high concentrations, many of these agents are acutely toxic and carcinogenic.   In this study, the benefits were most significant in older spaces or those with poor ventilation.


Polychrome 02 Storage Unit by Modify Furniture with removable flush-mounted planter boxes.

Decreasing sick days

The University of Vermont has indicated that offices with plants spread throughout experience more than 14% less absenteeism. This may be due to an increased sense of pleasantness regarding the actual workspace or the more tangible environmental factors such as air quality. Either way, it furthers the arguments of office plants as a worthwhile investment.

Fostering Creativity and Productivity

According to Business to Community, having plants spread throughout your office has been shown to raise productivity by as much as 12 percent, largely due to a reduction in stress. When you begin to consider what that 12 percent could mean for your operation, the question is no longer whether to get plants but rather why you don’t already have them.

The Clean Slate Desk  by Modify Furniture is designed with the invisibin™ system, a playful assortment of mounted accessories that fit seamlessly into the desk surface and offer the owner the ability to design their desktop to suit their needs.The Weedgarten and Una Cosa are created with plants in mind


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Marci Klein
Marci Klein


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